Refinishing Step-By-Step

  • Sanding the floor to remove the old finish
  • Applying the stain if necessary
  • Applying three coats of high-quality polyurethane finish
  • Most hardwood refinishing jobs take 3-4 days to complete

Dust Containment System

To maintain air quality while working the hardwood, our teams use a state-of-the-art Dust Containment System that removes Almost all dust from the air during the sanding process! Get your hardwood flooring refinished in a completely dust-free environment!

But the benefits of our unique Dust Containment System aren’t enjoyed only by our technicians. It also leaves the air healthier to breathe for the whole family and safer for electronic equipment, helping you avoid a costly cleanup!

    Hardwood Flooring General Care and Maintenance

    • Limit to light foot traffic for the first 6-24 hours (socks only)
    • Furniture may be placed back after 72 hours (pick & set, do not slide)
    • Area rugs may be placed after the floor has fully cured (7-10 days)
    • Using felt tip pads under furniture legs and appliances is recommended
    • Avoid walking on hardwood floors in high heels
    • Keep your pets’ claws properly trimmed
    • Do not use wax, oil, soap, or other common household cleaning products
    • Instead, use specialized floor cleaning products (available at most home stores)

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