Types of Hardwood Flooring Damage

  • Scratches: The simplest of nicks, caused by dirt, grit, or animal claws
  • Gouges: More pronounced than scratches, caused by heavy furniture
  • Staining: Spilled water and other liquids get through the coating
  • Warping: Buckling, cracking, and the like, caused by extreme conditions

All of the above can be repaired by experts in hardwood flooring damage treatment. Methods and applications can vary, so schedule a consultation to have our repair specialists assess the damage. They’ll not only propose a solution but also advise you on how to avoid damaging the floor again.

Hardwood Flooring Damage Prevention

  • Choose the strongest wood (hickory or white oak)
  • Have your pets’ nails trimmed regularly
  • Place rugs in highly trafficked areas
  • Place pads under furniture legs
  • Wear soft shoes / Be mindful of high heels
  • Avoid using chairs with wheels
  • Have floor refinishing periodically applied

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