How artificial intelligence is transforming supply chains for a better future

In today’s fast-paced world, product development life cycles are shorter than ever, global trade is freely accessible and customer expectations are highly dynamic. To add to it, the uncertainties brought in by the pandemic and the growing competition across supply chains are further pushing businesses to do their best to survive and grow. Modern-day supply […]

Tech In Logistics: Part 2- Exceeding Customer Expectations

The position of end customer and customer-centric organizations has been steadily rising in the list of top 10 priorities for every logistics provider. Managing customer expectations and nurturing lasting relationships with their customer base is fast becoming a core focus of this landscape ensuring a distinct competitive advantage. Interestingly, with the customer rising in prominence, […]

Logistics contributes to increasing the value of a firm

Significant logistics tactics accomplish more than just promoting excellent outcomes for your corporation. Additionally, these tactics provide value to your consumers. The more accessible your items are to your clients, the more valuable your commodity may become. Adding value to clients does not have to mean sacrificing quality or quantity. Additionally, it relates to accessibility. […]